BioPageBrad Orsted of Horsefeathers Photography, is an award winning photographer specializing in landscape, wildlife and human interest photography. All photos are as they were seen by the artist. No Photoshop – only minor adjustments to preserve the image quality. Brad is a certified interpretive guide, a naturalist and certified leave no trace. In addition to photography, Brad is also a guide in Yellowstone and an avid fly fisherman as well as a poet and a writer.

Brad has honed his skills and his desire for telling a story through photographs over the past 20 years. Having spent years on the road with his camera and his German Shepherd, he has developed a deep appreciation for natural landscapes. After being raised in Goshen, Indiana and roaming the country, most of his adult life was spent between Colorado and West Michigan. Brad currently resides just outside Yellowstone National Park and travels the West telling stories with his camera. Brad’s work can be seen in the AP, Mountain Outlaw, Distinctly Montana as well as many other publications across the West. His “Breaking Light in Lamar Valley” was a finalist in the 2013 Defenders of Wildlife Photo Contest.

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