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Two ravens battle for food

It’s Not All Black and White…Or Is It?

A lot can happen when you’re just minding your own business in the wilderness. Especially if you are willing to find an area with a high probability of activity and just wait…sometimes for hours. While waiting on a bobcat along the Madison River one day, I had a brief insight into one of the many […]

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Coyotes in Yellowstone battle over a carcass.

Battle for Survival – Coyote Style

  Battle for Survival – Coyote Style So last week while watching an elk carcass at Chinese Gardens I was fortunate enough to observe the bison seemingly paying their last respects to a fallen fellow resident and fend off the coyotes from feeding on the remains. But the story didn’t end there… The next morning […]

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A coyote tries to sneak back into an elk carcass but the bison block him.

Reverence of the Bison – Mourning a Death

The other day while watching an elk carcass in Yellowstone, I saw something I’d never seen before. I’ve been on many carcass stakeouts before but something during this one changed the way I perceived the natural world. While trying to figure out what may have killed this seemingly healthy elk, a coyote ventured in. I […]

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Interpreting the Wild

Yesterday I went to check on what was left of a bison carcass that had been harvested by hunters the day before, only to find out yet another had been taken. This may seem quite disgusting to most people but to a wildlife photographer this can be a boon of scavengers coming together to feed […]

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shining moment

Shining Moment in the Wild

  Going through images this quiet Sunday afternoon and found this one of Yellowstone wolves howling from the hill.  It’s always amazed me over the years how a still image can evoke such sensory memory and emotion.  I could immediately hear the howls echoing, feel the bite of the cold wind on my cheeks and […]

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“Da Moon, Eh?”

Friday August 31st 2012 I was set up in Upper Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park to photograph the rise of a Blue Moon.  The next one wouldn’t happen until 2015, well after the Mayan calendar has stopped so I wanted to be on location and set up in plenty of time.  Arriving at […]

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